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Te tūpato ki ngā matepā/Hazard Management



Hazard:     A situation or thing with the potential to cause death, injury or illness.


Risk:           The likelihood that death, injury or illness might occur when exposed to a hazard.




Hazard Management Procedures (HS12)

  • Inspections of the workplace will be undertaken at the beginning of each day using the Daily Hazard Checklist.

  • The Health and Safety Officer (Marina Bachmann) will ensure documentation is available to enable all Kaiako staff and support staff to be familiar with the health and safety requirements of the Centre and that this is consistent with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

  • Kaiako and support staff will be regularly consulted about hazards in the workplace. Health and Safety issues will be a regular agenda item at staff meetings.   

  • The Health Officer will ensure that the child accident forms, adults accident register, daily hazard check forms, the issues brought to team meetings, child illness registers, staff sick leave and any investigations are analysed  monthly  to identify hazards and appropriate actions to be taken.

  • Risks and Hazards will be identified through a regular formal process, which will include a physical inspection of the centre, buildings and equipment. Where a significant hazard(s) is identified and is unable to be reasonably eliminated (either at all or within a reasonable time frame) notification of the hazard(s) and the action taken will be documented on the Hazard Identification Form and added to the Hazard Register and reported to the PCBU. 

  • Risks will be assessed and possible consequences identified and steps for controlling the risk will be undertaken. This will be recorded on the Risk Register.

  • All updates to Health and Safety Hazard and Risk registers will be shared at staff meetings as they occur and in addition to this in September of each year staff will read the Health and Safety policy and related procedures and sign/date to confirm that they have understood these. 

  • When arriving to work in the Centre all contractors will report to the Manager or Kaiako in charge and sign a form with hazards relevant to their work.

  • Students, relieving teachers and visitors will report to the Head Teacher or Manager who will ensure they sight and sign the Hazard Register depending on the length of their visit.

  • All contractors engaged in work for or on behalf of the centre will be required to have health and safety performance requirements contained in their contracts.  In particular the PCBU will need to be satisfied that the contractor is competent to carry out the work safely, and will use appropriate equipment that is properly maintained.

  • In the event of an accident to an employee usual first aid procedures will be carried out and documented procedures will be followed. 

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