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Water testing video 2014


Our Future video 2014

Fish expert video 2014


Siva Afi 2014


Wendy talks about Oakley Creek 2014


Concert at Collectively Kids


Concert at Collectively Kids 2


Climate March 2019


CK at Level 2


Manaaki Whenua


Manaaki Whenua by CK 

A part of our previous music and movement internal evaluation focused on engaging with more waiata that have actions. We initially thought that we would make up actions to waiata we already knew but thought it would be more original if the moves we were making up were to a song of our own. 

I shared this with the four year olds at a mat time one day and they thought this was a great idea. CK tamariki are super creative so I knew this was something right up their alley. The tamariki shared their ideas of what this new waiata should be about and the topic that kept popping up was manaaki whenua - looking after the land. 

The lyrics are a collaboration of all the different thoughts and ideas the tamariki shared. The actions are a mix of NZSL and moves created by the four yr olds. Avie wanted people to know that Papatūānuku needs our help so we wove that in. Leo wanted to include that the planet needs to last a long time so we also found a place for his ideas. Hazel contributed her creativity to make it rhyme and did an amazing job with it. It really is a collaborative piece. 

It took us a few mat times to complete as we had to ensure tamariki that come on different days had the opportunity to pitch in. With each idea, voice and a whole lot of brainstorming, it wove itself together. 

From there, some whānau were actually  coming in asking about a waiata that the tamariki were singing at home and requested lyrics to be shared so they could learn it as well. Marina suggested we share it on story park. Whānau overseas were then able to learn about this new waiata the tamariki had worked hard on and everyone seemed really excited about it. 

It has actually now become a regular waiata we use on our climate change marches and is a great way to share how we feel about Papatūānuku. It was important for us to create something that it meaningful to the tamariki and true to CK. They are extremely proud of this waiata and so are we. 

Manaaki Whenua by Collectively Kids 

Manaaki whenua is something that we do 

Papatūānuku needs help from me and you 

There is no planet B, this is our only chance 

Show aroha to our planet and make sure that it lasts! 


CK EFS Presentation to OMEP 2017

Climate change- advocating for our children's rights 2016

Inclusion 2014

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CK EFS Presentation 2018

CK Gender Neutral Presentation 2018

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