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Managing Stress in the Workplace

(Reviewed April to July 2012)


Stress may be the result of hazards in the workplace or may cause hazards in the workplace


The employer recognises that work practices should cause no harm and undertakes to protect employees from unreasonable workplace stress (it is expected that some stress will be involved in work).

If an employee has stress issues the employer undertakes to discuss these and to offer assistance to manage the issue.

If the stress is from outside the workplace, the employer will address this by offering support and following normal performance review procedures if teaching performance is affected


Processes currently in place for identifying/managing stress;

Working hours are 40 hours or less and flexible to individual needs (eg families/study)

Non-contact time is provided

Regular meetings take place for discussion of any work issues

Peer review and appraisal processes

Employees are supported to take regular leave, including study and sick leave

Management is prepared to fund counselling through Home and Family Services or other agreed providers if management and the teacher involved agree that this would be useful for stress management

Stress management plans have been written when there have been issues that have affected the centre as a whole (eg changes in staffing)


The health and safety folder for new and existing employees includes information relating to stress.

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