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Strategic plan October 2016 - November 2018

Being and becoming an Environmentally Sustainable community



Children have the right to a peaceful, safe, secure, healthy, socially just, environmentally sustainable present and future

(Opening statement of Collectively Kids’ Philosophy)

Our vision:

At Collectively Kids, children, teachers, families and whānau work together to support the learning, development and needs of indiciduals and groups of children within a programme that is based on environmental education.

The aim of this plan is to provide a framework for improving the quality of care and education at Collectively Kids over the next 2 years. This involves continuing to regularly examine and adjust policies, processes, systems and day to day practices so that all of these form a coherent framework that guides and reflects the aims of the learning community at Collectively Kids as well as meeting ECE criteria and regulations. The strategic plan (along with our annual plan and centre review processes) is an active and growing document that is added to as new goals identified and developed.

The main focus of Collectively Kids for the next 2 years is to build on the progress we have already made in the areas of:


Ensuring that our vision, strategic plan, philosophy as well as our environment and Te Tiriti based education and cultural diversity policies reflect our aspirations for the teaching team and community and guide practices at the centre. This will be achieved by reviewing these documents in consultation with our community and developing action plans.

Increasing efficiency of governance, management and day to day processes and systems to ensure that these support improved outcomes for learners.

Improving documentation and planning to ensure that:

  • individual and group learning interests are clearly documented and extended

  • documentation is equitable

  • that processes are as efficient as possible to support more effective collaboration amongst the teaching team

  • documentation supports and clarifies centre aims (e.g. environmental education, Te Tiriti based practice, cultural diversity and social justice).

Systems and processes during transitions into and out of the centre as well as within the centre are regularly reviewed and improved.

Health and safety systems which have been and continue to be reviewed in response to legislation.


The Future 2017-2020


Our long term plan for our community is to continue to:

Deepen our commitment to and understanding of living, learning and working as an environmentally sustainable community with a particular focus on enriching learning, active citizenship and collaboration and communication with each other and the wider community


Share our work at Collectively Kids with the early childhood and wider community and continue commitment to in-centre and external research projects (as long as these fall within the guidelines of the centre research policy)


Support teacher involvement in the wider ECE community


Continue to support professionalism within the sector through ongoing commitment to pay parity, professional development and good working conditions for teachers

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