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Te Auahi Kore, me te kaupapa here mō te wara whakapōauau/Smoke Free and Substance Abuse policy



Rationale:           To comply with the ‘Smoke-Free Environments Act 1990, and ensure health and safety of children

Purpose:              To provide children with a healthy environment and promote healthy living and good habits for both teachers and children.




  • In accordance with the Smoke-Free Environments Act 1990 the Centre has adopted a smoke-free environment.

  • Smoking is not permitted in the building at any time.  

  • Any person entering the premises smoking will be required to refrain from smoking or they will be asked to leave.

  • No Smoking signs will be displayed in the Centre, including the carpark to remind people of the requirement.

  • If staff wish to smoke, they will need to do that off the premises, out of sight of children.

  • No person at the Centre should use or be affected by, alcohol, or any other substance that has a detrimental effect on a person’s functioning or behaviour. This policy applies to teachers, other staff, parents and all people entering the premises.

  • Any person thought to be under the influence of alcohol or other substance will be required to leave the Centre immediately. If this request is not followed teachers will remain calm and will act to ensure the safety of children and of themselves. This may involve moving children to a safer area and calling police for support.

  • This issue will be dealt with in more detail within the Centre emergency plan.


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