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Sexual Harassment

(Reviewed April- July 2012)


Sexual harassment incorporates visual material of a sexual nature, the use of language of a sexual nature, or physical behaviour of a sexual nature which is found offensive by a person, is repeated, or of such a significant nature to have a detrimental effect on the person in any of the following areas; making an application for employment; employment (including voluntary work); access to any approval, authorisation of qualification; vocational training and education; access to places, vehicles, facilities, goods and services. Sexual harassment may involve or affect a colleague, customer or employer. It is unacceptable and against the law.


Information regarding sexual harassment is available to all permanent and relieving staff members, volunteers and students.


In the case of a complaint of sexual harassment:

Staff may choose to deal directly with the alleged harasser by telling them that they find their behaviour unacceptable and offensive

Staff are requested to lodge a written complaint with management and/or to inform NZEI, the Human Rights Commission or another chosen support agency so that the complaint can be resolved as quickly as possible

It is suggested that staff keep records of events and that they limit discussion of the complaint to those persons who are directly involved

The employer undertakes to follow up any complaint of sexual harassment immediately, inquiring into the facts and seeking support and advice from relevant agencies

If satisfied that such behaviour or such a request took place the employer will take all practicable steps to prevent any repetition of such behaviour or requests

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