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Te whakauru/Enrolment



Rationale:           Enrolment records are maintained for each child currently attending the Centre/Service.


Purpose:              To ensure up-to-date information is kept for all children.




  • On arrival, all new families will be welcomed, shown around and introduced to staff.

  • On enrolment, parents/caregivers/whānau will be asked to complete an enrolment form for their child/ren, which will include details on parent/guardian details, emergency contacts, medical details, collection of children, attestation statements, and fee payments, etc., consistent with Ministry of Education requirements. Information booklet on the Centre’s operations, policies, and relevant information will be available.

  • Parents/guardians will be required to provide their child’s birth certificate and immunization records.

  • All children will be enrolled in the Ministry of Education National Student Number (NSN) Register.

  • If a parent or guardian requests special custody arrangements (i.e., anybody who is legally prevented from picking up or having contact with a child), they will be requested to bring in the custody forms for sighting and noting on the enrolment form.

  • On enrolment, parents/guardians will also give permission for their child to be photographed for assessment and planning purposes. They can choose if would like their child/ren’s image to be used in power point presentations, presentations that are shared within and beyond the centre and on the website.

  • The Ministry of Health requires all licensed Early Childhood Centres to sight every child’s immunisation history on enrolment, or in the case of a child under 15 months old, once that child reaches the required age. 

  • On enrolment, families will be informed of the notice they need to give (or payment in lieu) of their intention to vacate their enrolled space.

  • Parents/families will be made aware of the methods available to pay accounts.

  • Child Enrolment forms will be securely stored.

  • All enrolment information will be kept for the required period of 7 years after the child leaves for MOE funding and audit purposes.


Licensing Criteria GMA 10.


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