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(Reviewed 2014)


It is centre policy only to collect information for the following reasons:

  • Regulatory requirements

  • Health and Safety

  • Employment requirements

  • Documentation, programme planning and evaluation

  • Self-review processes

  • Approved research projects, assignments or presentations (see research policy)

  • Supporting learning and teaching (for all members of the centre community)

  • Promoting environmental sustainability and sharing our work in education for sustainability at conferences, other events and on our website


No information regarding children or their families/whānau will be released to anyone other than:

  • Teaching staff employed by the centre

  • Education support workers (only relevant information relating to children ESWs are working with)

  • Ministry of Education (as requested/required)

  • Education Review Office (for review purposes only)

  • Group Special Education and other specialist agencies (only if this supports the programme provided for children)

  • Student teachers at the centre who are required to maintain confidentiality


  • Specific consent has been given by caregivers

  • There are exceptional circumstances relating to the health and safety of children


Information gained from children and their parents and whānau is used to ensure the health and safety of children and as a basis for effective programme planning and evaluation which supports children’s learning and development. Accuracy of personal information is ensured as families fill in enrolment forms and are asked to update these if information changes.


On enrolment parents are asked for their informed consent regarding the following issues:

  • The use and display of assessment, evaluation and planning information of their child

  • The display of their telephone number on the centre telephone list (in office and in baby room kitchenette)

  • The display of their child’s name on allergy and medical conditions lists (if necessary for health and safety reasons)

  • The use of their child’s name and routine on lists in the under two room (on the inside of the kitchenette door)

  • The use of their child’s image and sometimes video for presentations, educational use in the community and on the website


It is part of the centre job requirements for all staff to keep details of children and their families confidential. This is also required of all students, support staff and advisors at the centre.



Enrolment details are kept in the office and on the computer and are available to teachers and government agencies. Portfolios are available for children at the centre and for families to take home. Support staff and students may have access to children’s documentation if this will assist them in their work. Assessment information is emailed to parents and parents take portfolios with them when children leave the centre. Enrolment forms and attachments of children who have left the centre are stored as required by the Ministry of Education and other agencies.


All information regarding staff is confidential and is kept in the office.


Photos taken at the centre:

Photos taken for assessment purposes are covered in the permission form accompanying the assessment policy.


Permission is sought from caregivers if any photographs are taken or videotaping takes place which is intended for use or display outside the centre for example at presentations or on the website.


On occasions families take photos at centre events (birthdays, parties, outings etc). We request that families let the centre know if they do not want children to appear in such photos.


Students take photos of children at the centre as part of their practicum requirements. Students are required to seek parent permission. They are asked to use centre cameras and to download and print images at the centre.


The Privacy Officer for the centre is:

Marina Bachmann



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