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Te wāhi mahi/Premises and Facilities



An environment is provided that ensures the health, safety and wellbeing of all those within it



  • To ensure the premises provide spaces, facilities and resources that enable a safe and appropriate learning programme for children

  • To ensure the safe and hygienic practices are followed at all times

  • To ensure the provision of facilities and spaces to support teachers to provide an appropriate curriculum



First Aid Cabinet

  • A First Aid Kit will be kept in the Centre, stored up high and out of children’s reach at all times.

  • The First Aid Kit will be checked and replenished every three months by the supervisor. Documentation for the four monthly checks will be kept in the notebook in the First Aid Kit.

  • A list of the required contents will be kept inside the First Aid Kit.

  • A separate First Aid Kit will be kept for use on excursions.

Pest and Vermin


  • In the case of the Centre becoming infested with pests or vermin, Management will contact a contractor to control the problem. They will leave the relevant MSD documentation following any work undertaken.


Caring for Sick and/or Soiled Children


In the event of an accident, or spillage or contact with any body fluids or discharge, the following universal precautions will be followed:

  • All broken skin areas (fresh, unhealed cuts or burns) must be covered with a waterproof, adhesive dressing. Gloves should be used when contact with mucous membranes (eyes, mouth), broken skin or moist body substances is likely to occur.

  • Plastic aprons will be used when it is likely that moist body substances will soil clothing.·Hands must be washed immediately with soap and water if they are potentially contaminated with moist body substances.

  • Articles, furniture and floors soiled with moist body substances will be cleaned and appropriately disinfected using household bleach (e.g., Janola) 1:10 (10mls in 90mls of water). This will be left on the area for 10 minutes and the spill wiped up with a cloth soaked in the solution.

  • Soiled children will be taken to the nappy changing area to be cleaned and changed.   Staff will follow the nappy changing and toileting procedures.

  • A large tub with a shower head tap connection will be available to clean sick and soiled children. Two staff will be present when showering a sick or soiled child.


Caring for Sick Children


If a child becomes unwell at the centre staff will follow procedures as for HS 26 and isolate as follows:

  • A sick child will be isolated, with a staff member in attendance at all times.

  • A possible isolation area can be on the parent couch with a blanket, and a staff member monitoring the child until the parent arrives to collect him or her.

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