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Te whai wāhi nei a ngā tāngata katoa/Inclusion




Teachers and management at Collectively Kids have a strong commitment to inclusion. All children and families enrich the centre community. Inclusive, socially just and equitable education is a part of our philosophy, Climate Change Action Policy and our focus on environmental education.


It is our belief that all children and their families/whānau have the right to:

  • Attend the early childhood education centre of their choice

  • Fully participate in the centre community

  • Achieve and have progress acknowledged, documented and celebrated



To ensure all children experience and environment that is responsive to their learning needs.



  • Collectively Kids supports inclusion in its relationships with the wider community including our neighbours and donations for charitable organisations.

  • Transition into the CentreFamilies are made welcome from their first contact with Collectively Kids. They and advisers may visit the centre as often as they wish prior to enrolment. We also offer home visits. Teachers are happy to provide information and answer any questions. As with any new child at the centre, transition processes are extremely flexible and dependent on individual children and families. All parties consult to make transition a positive experience for everyone.

  • Life at the centreSupport is given to children with additional learning needs to enable them to participate fully in the centre programme. This is the responsibility of management and all teachers. Where resources do not meet the needs of children we aim to adapt, make, purchase or borrow suitable resources in consultation with parents and specialist staff.

  • At least one teacher from Collectively Kids will attend IP meetings and teachers are available to consult with visiting specialist advisors.

  • Children’s learning is documented within centre assessment process

  • Health plans will be developed as needed and reviewed as necessary (at least once a year)

  • Information on specialist services will be available at the centre for the use of all parents. This will be updated regularly.

  • Teachers can access information regarding children with additional needs on Google Drive.

  • Collectively Kids maintains a close relationship with Learning Support (Ministry of Education) Disability Action and other advisers and seeks support as needed to ensure we can work effectively with children and families. A record of support provided by agencies is kept.


Licensing Criteria  C7, 11, 13


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