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Parents, Families and Whānau



Parents and whānau form an integral part of the centre community. Teachers and management recognise that children's learning and development is enhanced by maintaining close relationships between the home and the centre. A range of opportunities are provided to share information.


Centre website

The website contains information about the centre, including policies, areas of interest, presentations and annual reports. The website will be updated in early 2015.



Families/whānau are welcome to share any concerns or issues with teachers. Teachers are available most of the time for brief meetings and appointments can be made if longer or private discussions are seen as necessary by either party. Parents and whānau are welcome to phone or email the centre at any time. Teachers ensure that families are fully informed about their children’s lives at Collectively Kids and may sometimes arrange meetings to develop strategies that will support the learning and well-being of children.


Documentation and Portfolios

Portfolios contain documentation of learning and centre events, questionnaires, photos, art work and general comments. Children, parents and whānau can access the portfolios at the centre and can request to take them home. All documentation is emailed to families prior to being filed in the portfolio. Parents and whānau are invited to comment, add photos etc. Documentation including input from families is read by all teachers before being filed.


Education Review of Report and Operational Documents

These can be found on the shelf by the office and on the website (from May 2015).


Family Evenings

At least two family meetings will be held during the year. At these times teachers and/or speakers will be available to talk to parents about the centre programme or topics of particular interest.


Family Events, Celebration

Whānau are invited to take part in centre events such as shared lunches, Matariki celebration and Fair Trade Tea Break. An end of year event for past and present parents and whānau takes place in December.

Weekly updates

Updates are emailed at the end of each week. A notice on the community noticeboard and by the front door is updated on a weekly basis. These provide parents and whānau with general information about the centre and special events or news including community news. Families are informed of policy and other reviews and opportunities to take part in these are outlined.


Daily Information

Sleep and toileting charts for children over two can be accessed by parents and whānau by the roll and in the bathroom. Food served is recorded on the under two roll. Parents and whānau of children under two receive daily feedback (verbally and on day sheets) regarding routines (sleep, bottles, food, nappy changes and outings). Families//whānau can note down information important for the day on the daily sheet by the roll or on the under two daily sheet. Any confidential information can be shared with a teacher who will pass it on to the rest of the team.


Teachers are usually available to greet parents and to discuss their child's day with them. If teachers are not available for an in depth conversation an alternative time will be made. Parents and whānau are welcome to phone our landline or email if they have any concerns or want to know how their child is getting on, especially during the settling in process. While every effort is made to respond promptly to emails, please remember that phoning is the best way for immediate contact (if you reach the answerphone, please call straight back and we will pick up.) We ask you NOT to phone or text the Collectively Kids mobile – this is only used by the centre to occasionally contact parents and whānau or if there is an emergency. We do not regularly check the mobile for messages.


Library and Noticeboards

The centre has a parent library containing centre policies, accounts and some other information. Parents and whānau are welcome to borrow folders but are requested to ask teachers first. Displays including some policies, topical and required information are located on noticeboards. Families are welcome to add information to the community noticeboard next to the office. A display in the big kids’ area board provides parents with information regarding individual teachers and support staff (relieving teachers, Education Support Workers, cleaners).


Policy and annual review

Parents and whānau receive key policies during the enrolment period. All policies, plans and philosophy are reviewed regularly. Families are advised when reviews are taking place and are offered the opportunity to participate. Drafts of some policies are sent to parents for comment.


Home visits

Collectively Kids offers home visits to foster closer links between the home and the centre.


Centre visits and outings

Parents and whānau are welcome to visit the centre and are encouraged to take part in centre activities, including outings. Families are invited to share any skills they may have with teachers and children at the centre. 

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