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Te noho ora me te noho haumaru i te wāhi mahi/Health and Safety Workplace Management




Health and Well-being Programmes

The Centre will provide a programme to support the health and well-being programme of all staff  This programme will give staff information and support to achieve positive outcomes in the following areas:

  • Physical activity 

  • Healthy nutrition

  • Smoking cessation

  • Mental wellbeing

Contractors and Sub Contractors


  • Before work commences, the contractor will be asked to provide a copy of the firm’s Occupational Health and Safety policy or statement.

  • The Centre will advise the contractor of any known hazards they may come in contact with.

  • All personnel employed on sub-contracting work must be adequately trained for the tasks or have adequate knowledge and experience of the kind of work, plant or substances with which they are involved or be supervised by an appropriately trained person.

  • All contractor’s personnel are required to report to the Manager/Supervisor on arrival and familiarise themselves with the requirements of this policy.

  • The contractor and their employees shall abide by the Centre’s ‘Smokefree Policy.’

  • The contractor shall supply safety equipment (including isolating transformers) and first-aid facilities unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • All contractors are to hold current Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance or similar.

  • The contractor shall comply with all relevant legislation to ensure the safety of children is maintained at all times.

  • All accidents or incidents relating to health and safety or the discharge of hazardous substances are to be reported to the Manager/Supervisor immediately.

  • It is the responsibility of the contractor or sub-contractors to remove all their rubbish, off-cuts, and debris, and to leave the work-site as a safe place.

  • Contractors who work regularly during the Centre’s hours of operation will be required to complete the Police Vetting Process.

Further Injury Prevention Strategies


  • Staff will wear gloves at all times when blood is present.

  • Gloves and aprons will be provided for staff working with any sick or soiled children.

  • Gloves and aprons are provided for staff working with chemicals.

  • The Sun Protection Policy provides for sun protection for staff.

Physical Environment (HS 13, 14, 15, 24)


  • All noise will be kept at a level so as not to unduly cause any child or adult distress or harm.

  • The Centre will be maintained at a comfortable temperature no lower than 16 degrees (500 mm above floor level) while children are in attendance.

  • All air conditioning and heating units will be regularly inspected and serviced. Documentation will be kept by the Manager/Supervisor.

  • The water temperature for children’s use will be maintained at 40 degrees C. or less and for adult use at 60 degrees C.

  • Regular safety checks of equipment and the indoor/outdoor environment will be monitored by the Manager/Supervisor and recorded appropriately.

  • Washing facilities will be available for sick or soiled children.

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