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Rationale:           Each child is unique and comes with their own sleeping routine.

Purpose:              To ensure teachers follow individual children’s rhythms and sleeping routines in a relaxed and familiar environment


  • Adequate space will be provided between children’s beds to ensure safety and hygiene.

  • All children will be provided with their own individual sleeping space and bed linen. Some families provide this from home.

  • Sleep spaces will be positive and peaceful to ensure undisturbed rest. Teachers will be relaxed and unhurried in preparing children for sleep, and flexible to children’s individual routines.

  • All children will be encouraged to sleep or rest when they need to. However, formal sleep and rest times will be provided.

  • Staff/child ratio will be maintained while children are sleeping.

  • Parents will be encouraged to bring any special toys children may help them settle into sleep.

  • For cultural reasons, children will be encouraged not to stand on pillows and are positioned head: head rather than head: feet if possible.


Procedure for Monitoring Sleeping Children


  • A teacher will be rostered on Sleep Room Duty each day

  • The teacher on Sleep Room Duty will ensure children are checked for warmth, breathing, and general well-being every five to ten minutes.

  • The teacher on Sleep Room Duty will complete the Sleep Room Supervision Record Form.

  • The Teacher rostered on Sleep Room Duty will record the times each child went to sleep and woke on the Sleep Times Chart.

  • At no time will children have access to food or liquids while in bed in accordance with the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008.


Procedure for Laundering

  • Sleep Room Linen is stored in the bags named for individual children and

  • All sheets and wraps are laundered every 2 weeks for over 2 children attending 3-5 days, weekly for children under 2. Bedding for children over 2 attending for 2 days will be washed once a month.

  • Cot under blankets will be washed weekly, or if soiled.

  • Stretcher beds are wiped when they are used for another child.


Licensing Criteria HS 9.                           

Date for Review June 2021

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